Family & Friends

The idea for creating positive outcomes after the death of Stig Orum, originated from his parents when they considered what to do with insurance monies received following the tragic accident in which they lost their son. They decided to use these funds to initiate a foundation in Stig’s memory. Over the years family and friends continue to honor Stig’s memory and spirit with annual giving to grow and build the foundation. Over the years the fund has grown to a level where we are able to award scholarships of $1-2000 per recipient to approximately 15-20 recipients per year.

Special Donor – Minnie Kunos

Family friend and founding board member, Robert (Bob) Erlandson, was instrumental in helping grow the scholarship funds significantly through his friendship and business affiliation with Louis Kunos (1909 – 1999), a local insurance agent. Mr. Kunos’ widow, Minnie (1915 – 2009) made a substantial gift at the time of her death in 2009, to the Stig P. Orum Memorial Foundation. The Kunos couple had no children and they gifted to other charitable organizations such as United Way and Judson College. The Stig P. Orum Memorial Foundation is extremely grateful for the generous gift from the Kunos estate.

Continual Growth & Giving

If you are interested in continuing to grow the Stig P. Orum Memorial Foundation through sharing, please visit our Contact Us page.